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Everyone has questions. Yes, every question has an answer! Beer with Us!

step1 – choose your desired subscription from the store

step2 – add the subscription to the cart and proceed to checkout 

step3 – Fill in your Details & Create a new Username & Password

step4 – select your preferred payment gateway and complete your payment

step5 – You will be receiving complete notification to your registered email Instantly

Step6 – Click “My Account” icon.

Step7 – Click “Orders” section

Step8 – Select your purchased Order ID or click “view” section.

Step9 – You will see a screen similar to below screenshot, after scroll down, you will see the login details of the subscription.

If your payment is already confirmed, You will receive the login information instantly. also please check your email Spam, Social, Promotion Folder or select All Email. If not, contact support immediately with your purchase information.

Yes, all purchases are instant. Transactions via cryptocurrency will be confirmed after the confirmations on the transaction are received.

Yes, no need to pay every month. Once you paid for the service, you will enjoy the service until the warranty expired.

Because we do not allow 3rd party to sell us, we have our own methods!

Click the “REPLACE” button under your order ID login details. Instantly you will receive a new account. 

Avoid logging in from many devices or changing credentials (profiles, passwords, settings, billing info. etc.). The more you are unadventurous with the account, the longer it lasts.

No. Our system detects abuse and bans users instantly.

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